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AshaUSA provides culturally specific programs for the SA community living in MN. It is through your generous donations, we are able to carry on our activities. All our programs are run by volunteers and 100% of your donations go towards the programs. Our programs are possible only through community support.  Any amount of contribution will be greatly appreciated. Please consider making a tax deductible donation: 

  1.    Using the link on our website, click on the donate button

  2.    Write a check payable to ashausa and mail it to 5839 Long Brake Trail, Edina, MN 55439​

  3.    You can make your purchases on and designate ashausa as the beneficiary.  We will                 receive 0.005% of your total purchase (with no additional charge to you). Click below to link to Amazon Smile 


We are a small non-profit organization looking for sponsors. Please contact us if you or your company is interested in sponsoring or partnering with us.



If you are interested in AshaUSA’s initiatives and programs and would like to volunteer, please email the following information to




Preferred method of contact: ___ email ____ phone

Please select the programs you are interested in volunteering:

  1. HUM Senior monthly event: ___

  2. Mental Health Matters: ___

  3. Bi-cultural parenting: ___

  4. Youth related programs: ___

  5. Research specific to the South Asian community: ___

   Please also let us know if you prefer to volunteer on an ongoing basis: ____ OR as needed (adhoc): ____

Let's Make A Change

Here are some ways you can donate:

In Person

5839 Long Brake Trail, Edina, MN 55439


Make a tax deductible donation‏.

Via email

It's easy to donate offline too.


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