Racial Justice

AshaUSA wants to express our outrage and sadness for those who have been hurt by the legacy of racism in the United States. We are heartbroken for those experiencing loss and grief. We would like to bring awareness and educate the South Asian community around the topics of Black Lives Matter, especially in light of recent events.

We hope to shed some light on the topic of:

- Systemic racism,

- How we as South Asians benefited from civil rights movement, 

- Why we should care,

- What we should do to fight our own anti-blackness sentiments, and

- How we can provide support to the Black community. 

1. Systemic Racism explained: 



2. Dear Uncles & Aunties: An informational letter to the South Asian Community - Hindi youtube video conversation between mother and daughter



3. How black activists paved the way for South Asian Americans



5. South Asians must support Black Lives Matter but first undo their own anti-blackness.


6. Racial Bias Test (Harvard) that will help you understand your own biases 



7. Ten documentaries to watch about race instead of asking a person of color to explain things for you https://www.docplay.com/articles/10-documentaries-to-watch-about-race-instead-of-asking-a-person-of-colour-to-explain-things-for-you/ 


8. Justice in June: Daily, Weekly and monthly calendar with anti racism resources to work on:


AshaUSA.org - A non-profit (501 c3) Organization based in Minnesota EIN 47-1249921

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