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Racial Justice

AshaUSA wants to express our outrage and sadness for those who have been hurt by the legacy of racism in the United States. We are heartbroken for those experiencing loss and grief. We would like to bring awareness and educate the South Asian community around the topics of Black Lives Matter, especially in light of recent events.

We hope to shed some light on the topic of:

- Systemic racism,

- How we as South Asians benefited from civil rights movement, 

- Why we should care,

- What we should do to fight our own anti-blackness sentiments, and

- How we can provide support to the Black community. 

1. Systemic Racism explained:


2. Dear Uncles & Aunties: An informational letter to the South Asian Community - Hindi youtube video conversation between mother and daughter


3. How black activists paved the way for South Asian Americans


5. South Asians must support Black Lives Matter but first undo their own anti-blackness. 

6. Racial Bias Test (Harvard) that will help you understand your own biases


7. Ten documentaries to watch about race instead of asking a person of color to explain things for you 


8. Justice in June: Daily, Weekly and monthly calendar with anti racism resources to work on:

9. As the protests and conversations about race in America continue, The Juggernaut spoke with historian and journalist Vijay Prashad, author of The Karma of Brown Folk (2000), which traces the rise of the model minority myth and how black-Asian solidarity faded to give way to anti-blackness.  

10. Asian Minnesotans in Solidarity with the Movement for Black Lives -

11. How to talk to your Asian immigrant parents about racism

12. Anti racism videos to share with kids

13. 30 Books to help you talk to your kids about racism

14. You had sent a picture of antiblackness in SA communities pyramid picture on anti racism whatsapp group. I think we should include it on our website.






17. TED talks has come up with a list of TedTalk videos that help us understand racism in America. 


18.How to talk to your Asian immigrant parents about racism

19. In this video from a series on race by the New York Times, Asian-Americans confront stereotypes about their community. 

20. When the young generation talks about their experiences growing up as a person of color they genuinely talk about their experiences with colorism and featurism (what your nose, eyes, hair look like) within their community and culture. A true peek into what Asian, Nigerian and Filipino kids experience growing up in their own families and community. Take your time to listen to this simple conversation!


June 4th 2020 Silent Protest against George Floyd killing in Minneapolis organized by SA against Racial Injustice group. AshaUSA was one of the lead organizers.

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