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     To provide culturally specific programs to the South Asian community t​​o foster
      health  and harmony in their lives.


South Asian Youth Leadership Training Program Jan-Apr 2016 (The Session is Full!!!)

Long Term career success requires several personal skills that are over and above formal education and knowledge. In this workshop we will discuss and learn, develop and polish two "bundles" of key skills for future life long success: innovation and clout!

"Change the Mindset" Campaign

How women are treated in South Asia feeds into the health and harmony of the the South Asian communities around the world.​This issue of gendercide and gender discrimination is a grave one that requires attention from many fronts. It affects men and women in and from South Asia.​


AshaUSA is taking a lead facilitatior role in inviting other community  organizations in the Twin Cities to come together and collaboratively work on

a) raising awareness to the issue and

b) looking at ways to help curb it.

Help bring the film to schools, community groups, libraries, and organizations and ignite discussions and spark action to end gender discrimination and violence, by contributing to our engagement campaign.


If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation, please write your check out to the 

San Francisco Film Society with  "Petals In The Dust" in the memo line and

mail to: Petals In The Dust P.O. Box 1030 Concord, CA 94522.


You may also make a donation online at 



​Representatives from these organizations were interviewed in the film.They are involved in ending gender violence and empowering girls and women in India and the Indian diaspora in North America.

AshaUSA was on Sangam radio

AshaUSA was on Sangam radio on Monday Sept 28th to talk about the organization and the upcoming event 'Petals in the Dust'. You can hear the archived radio show where Kamala and Sayali talk with Mukhtar Thakur

AshaUSA at India Fest 2015

AshaUSA at India Fest 2015 (15th August on Capitol Grounds, St.Paul,MN)

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