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Harmony: Healthy Family Relationships


  • Parent / Child communication:  6 week workshop (once a week) where the parents can learn about various aspects of raising children in this country.  Some of the topics which will be covered in this workshop are:


  • Balancing US culture Vs. Indian culture 

  • Setting boundaries and discipline

  • Healthy eating - food & nutrition

  • Parent / Child communication

  • Co-parenting and sharing parental responsibility

         If interested send an email to


  • Host Family Connection: Host Family Connection is an AshaUSA program to help connect the new immigrant families with South Asian host families who are well settled in Minnesota.  The host family  can function as an extended family,  a family (guardians) away from home and guide them as they assimilate in this country. Please use the host family connection link below to sign up for the program.


      Host Family Connection Program Details


  • Senior Network: Once a month, two hour get together to socialize and discuss topics of interest to seniors.


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